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Linda Walls: Your Independent Shaklee Consultant for 35 Years
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As a young Mother I was tired all the time, in fact I paid my kids to be very quiet so that I could nap during the day. Now, I'm a Grandma of five, and great-grandmother to four (soon to be five) darling babies. I have more energy than I did as a teen and young mom!

In 1980, I started my business to get my products free. Very quickly it grew to a profitable business from home and was still able to be available to my family and friends.

We all love the products because we know they work. We use them and we see and feel the difference.

My daughter, Paula, is also a Shaklee Director. We have an ongoing training program for anyone that would like to earn additional income, and to earn the free product level and have unlimited income.

I am looking forward to sharing the benefits of Shaklee with you.